IT Committee Hears GIS Testimony

The Investments in IT Improvements and Modernization Projects Oversight Board is taking a note from C.S. Lewis and planning tomorrow’s work today.

The board, which is among the first legislative bodies to meet after the 2024 legislative session, began its review of state agency and local geographic information systems (GIS) with an eye towards the 2026 budget-writing session.

The board heard testimony on a variety of uses for GIS data, from 911 services, property valuations, rescue operations, and bridge and road construction. Many on the board also learned for the first time of the work that the Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) has done to map the state from above – largely without funding from the General Assembly.

Testifying on behalf of KLC was Whitley Keltner of the Georgetown-Scott County Planning Commission, who also serves as KLC’s appointee to the state GIS Board, and Curt Bynum, the Director of Louisville Jefferson County Information Consortium (LOJIC).

“I encourage the legislature to make statewide imagery an ongoing concern,” Bynum told the board.

“I commend the legislature for having the foresight to take pictures of the entire state. I strongly encourage you to do it again,” he added.

Legislative leaders are in the process of putting together the calendar for interim committee meetings. KLC will share that information when it becomes available via the City Limit news site.