Senate Reveals Road Funding Plan 

With time running out, the state Senate has unveiled its spending atlas for Kentucky’s thoroughfares, bridges, and bypasses.  

House Bill 265 was amended in the Senate to accommodate the operating budget for the 6-year road plan that spends $7.2 billion in the first two years of the biennium.  

The Senate version of the operating budget reinserts $150 million in federal GARVEE Bond authorizations for the Mountain Parkway and the I-69 Ohio River crossing. The House operating budget did not include those funds, instead choosing to move those dollars and appropriate those projects from the general fund. 

House Bill 266, the 2-year road plan, was also amended to add $890 million in projects in General Fund dollars. The additional spending moves what was a 104% programmed House road plan to a 300% programmed Senate plan. Gov. Beshear’s version of the road projects plan went even further, spending $1.8 billion, Senator Jimmy Higdon said. 

A comparison of the city-related projects in the operating budget is available here.

The legislation moves on to the full Senate and will still need to be concurred on by the House, or a conference committee will be assigned to sort out the differences. The legislature has until Thursday at midnight to pass bills before the two-week veto recess begins.