KLC Initiative Easing Pool Regulations Moves to Senate Consent Calendar

Legislation that would ease pool regulations is floating onto the Senate’s consent calendar, leaving it mere steps away from becoming law.

House Bill 109, sponsored by Rep. Kevin Jackson, R-Bowling Green, would allow pools to reopen that shut down due to overburdensome regulations by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, which changed the lifeguard rules in 2022.

A committee amendment was added to the bill in the Senate Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection Committee to ensure the bill did not apply to private pools at residences.

The legislation classifies pools under two categories: Class A and Class B.

Class A pools are those that are intended for use by the public, and Class B pools are those that are not open to the public but do cater to guests, like health clubs, country clubs, and residential communities.

The bill would require a lifeguard on duty for all Class A and B pools if they allow those 17 years or younger without an adult, contain waves or slides, or have a diving board in use. Pools that meet those criteria must provide one lifeguard per 100 bathers. Class A pools must require a lifeguard if they are 2,000 sq ft or over.

The Senate committee unanimously approved the bill and added it to the Senate’s consent calendar. Once the Senate approves it, it will head back to the full House, where it had been previously approved, for a consent vote to approve the bill as amended in the Senate.