House and Senate Override Beshear Veto of Housing Preemption Bill

Members of the Kentucky House and Senate swiftly overrode the first veto of the 2024 legislative session on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Gov. Andy Beshear vetoed House Bill 18, sponsored by Rep. Ryan Dotson, R-Winchester, a former landlord, is aimed at stopping the cities of Louisville and Lexington from enforcing local laws that prevent landlords from refusing to rent housing based on a person’s source of income, such as federal housing assistance vouchers. It would also prevent other cities and counties from enacting similar laws.

By Wednesday, the full House and Senate overrode the governor’s veto.

Representative Ryan Dotson, the sponsor of HB 18, said the governor’s veto of the bill was unfortunate.

“Each time we talk about this bill, I hear from more constituents and folks from across the Commonwealth that they oppose their government forcing them to accept housing funds,” Dotson said. “Individuals shouldn’t be forced to accept less than market value; they shouldn’t have to take a loss on their income or investment.”

The bill will now be delivered to the Secretary of State.