Kratom Regulation Bill Unanimously Passes House Committee

A KLC-supported measure regulating Kratom received unanimous approval in a House committee on Thursday.

House Bill 293, sponsored by Rep. Kim Moser, R-Taylor Mill, seeks to bring Kratom, a natural herbal substance some users say has a euphoric heroin-like effect that can be abused and become addictive, under regulation of the state as the federal government considers its regulation or ban.

“This bill will regulate the sale of Kratom; it’s a consumer protection act; it does not take a position on positive versus negative effects,” Moser said. “We just want to make sure that this is regulated while the FDA weighs in on this.”

The legislation was amended during the House Health Services Committee to bring the enforcement of the proposed law under the Department of Public Health (DPH) instead of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). DPH is already enforcing the sale of Delta 8 in Kentucky, which was regulated last year.

“The intent of this is to keep it away from kids and not put it front and center when you go into a gas station or convenience market,” Moser said.

The legislation would ban the sale of Kratom to anyone under 21 and move the substance behind the counter.

Todd Kelley, the Ashland Chief of Police, testified in support of regulating Kratom.

KLC’s Board of Directors has voted to support the measure; while it is not an outright ban, the board felt regulation was a positive step to keep Kentuckians safe.

The legislation now moves to the full House.