KLC Initiative Filed

Representative Chris Freeland, R-Benton, filed a KLC initiative on Tuesday that would allow cities to address when homeowners’ associations fail to maintain their communities and common areas.

The legislation, House Bill 472, creates a new section of KRS Chapter 381 to notify the governing authority of a planned community homeowners’ association and all residents of said association when that association fails to maintain the infrastructure, common area, stormwater detention or retention area, or other facility that it is legally obligated to maintain.  The legislation also allows the city to be reimbursed for all costs, fees, and reasonable attorney’s fees to bring the association up to code, as approved by the court.  

Freeland brought a similar bill in 2023 on behalf of cities, but it did not see action by the body.

The General Assembly is one-third of the way through the 60-day budget-writing session. The last day for new bills to be filed in the House and Senate is Feb. 26 and 28, respectively.