Full House Approves Budget Bill

A day after moving the bills encompassing the state budget through a House committee, the full House approved the state biennium budget – sending the bills down the hall to the Senate in what will likely be the beginning of a long period of negotiations between the two chambers.

Remarking that Thursday’s passage of the state budget bills marked the “start but not the ending,” House Minority Leader Derrick Graham, D-Frankfort, said there were places he would like to see changes but acknowledged the long process to get to a final version of the budget.

House Budget Chairman Jason Petrie, R-Elkton, also acknowledged the long process as he shepherded the bills from the House chamber and over to the Senate.

“I wouldn’t take anything off the table from what’s possible,” Rep. Petrie said, agreeing the budgeting process is far from over as the Senate will have their crack at the budget, and then the two chambers will have to reconcile the differences.

The budget bill passed with a 77 to 19 vote.