Gov. Beshear Offers 2nd Term Vision at 62nd Kentucky Inauguration

Governor Andy Beshear, D-Kentucky, offered a vision of hopeful optimism with Kentucky serving as economic and moral leaders beyond division as we overcome natural disasters and the global pandemic.

Beshear and Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman were sworn in for a second time on Tuesday, promising continued economic growth and “bright and promising futures for every single Kentucky child.”

The Inauguration theme “Forward, Together,” echoed from the podium stage in messages of peace, love, and understanding reflected in the state motto “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”

“Our people, like the motto, have been tested over two centuries by wars, depressions, and recessions, and the noble fight for civil rights for all of our people. In the last four years, we have faced our own tests. Each we have met with love, compassion, and empathy,” Beshear said.

As Beshear faces the realities of divided politics with Republican supermajorities in the Kentucky House and Senate, he calls on partnerships that overcome the political divisions.

“Put simply, we are at a moment in time with the true potential to achieve our collective dream: the dream of a better Kentucky. And we can and should realize that dream if we don’t stand in our own way,” he said. “See, one of the most difficult challenges before us is that politics – and sometimes even our governance – has become poisonous and toxic. What is supposed to be an exchange of ideas has devolved into grievances and attacks. Some appear to think it’s just a game, that no target is off limits, no lie is too hurtful.”

“I ran for office to leave a better world for my children, for all of our children. And this is our chance – Kentucky’s chance – to be the difference, to be both an economic and moral leader of this country. So, we must face this challenge the way we always do – together,” Beshear said.

Beshear recognizes that the “eyes of the country” are on the Commonwealth following his re-election, and just as presidential politics will once again find their way into the American collective consciousness.

For him, it’s a chance to move forward united beyond politics, together, as he says, united.

The 2024 legislative session begins on January 2, as many will look to see how he uses the office to seek his legislative wish list, which includes increased teacher pay, and universal pre-k.