KLC Presents 2024 Legislative Agenda

Kentucky League of Cities officials outlined the 2024 Legislative Agenda to members of the Interim Joint Committee on Local Government on Monday morning. KLC President and Auburn Mayor Mike Hughes, KLC First Vice President and Benton Mayor Rita Dotson, and KLC Executive Director|CEO James D. Chaney told legislators Kentucky cities must ensure they can grow and develop, need tools to diversify local revenue and ensure quality and availability of city streets.

KLC President Hughes explained the League’s top priority for the 2024 session is protecting cities’ statutory right to grow and further their economic development via annexation.

“Annexation is our highest priority by our board’s vote,” Hughes said adding that cities must protect property owner’s rights for the ability to have city services.

Hughes also discussed the need to diversify revenue options for cities that act as the economic driver for the state. A 131-year-old section of the Kentucky Constitution impedes the General Assembly’s ability to reform local government tax policies comprehensively.

He also discussed the need to modernize the funding mechanism for streets and bridges. “The quality and availability of city roads play a key role in a community’s livability.”

Mayor Hughes and KLC First Vice President Dotson discussed other key issues, from substance abuse to continued monitoring of County Employee Retirement Systems and the impact of remote work.

Access and download the 2024 Legislative Agenda here.