Gov. Beshear Handily Wins Re-Election; GOP Sweeps Down Ballot Races

Kentuckians split their tickets on Tuesday, re-electing Democratic Governor Andy Beshear and sending a full slate of Republicans to fill Constitutional offices.

The result proves historic, as Kentucky, a solidly Republican-leaning state, elects a Democratic governor to a second term – the first time since his father, Governor Steve Beshear, won re-election in 2011 and only the third time in the history of the Commonwealth Kentuckians have elected a consecutive two-term governor. (A 1992 Kentucky Constitutional change allowed for two consecutive terms.)

Kentucky’s election pitted Beshear, who has governed in unparalleled times of natural disaster and global epidemic, against Donald Trump’s endorsed Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Beshear bested Cameron by five percentage points, according to unofficial election results.

Beshear touted Kentucky’s economy as his case-in-chief in a race that proved one of the most expensive elections in recent memory, with nearly $74 million being raised and spent according to the most recent estimates.

The governor pointed to the outcome as the end of “anger politics” and rejecting party lines.

“Kentucky made a choice. A choice not to move to the right or to the left but to move forward for every single family. A choice to reject ‘Team R’ or ‘Team D’ and to state clearly that we are one Team Kentucky,” Beshear said.

The election will also hold national implications as the nation will choose the next president in 2024, and Democrats seek to hold the White House.

In Kentucky, Republicans won the day in the down-ballot races electing Russell Coleman to the office of Attorney General, Jonathan Shell as Agriculture Commissioner, Michael Adams to a second term as Secretary of State, Allison Ball as State Auditor, and Mark Metcalf as Treasurer.