House Elects New Majority Whip

Kentucky House Republicans elected leadership for the next two years, including a new majority whip. Representative Jason Nemes (R-Middletown) fills the position Chad McCoy vacated when he did not seek reelection.

Other members of the Republican leadership remain the same, including the following:

  • Speaker of the House ‒ David Osborne (R-Prospect)
  • Speaker Pro Tempore ‒ David Meade (R-Stanford)
  • Majority Floor Leader ‒ Steven Rudy (R-Paducah)
  • Majority Caucus Chair ‒ Suzanne Miles (R-Owensboro)

Voters first sent Nemes to the House in 2017. He served as co-chair of the House Legislative Oversight and Investigations Committee and serves on the following committees: Budget Review Subcommittee on Justice, Public Safety, and Judiciary; State Government; Judiciary; Appropriations and Revenue; and Elections, Constitutional Amendments, and Intergovernmental Affairs.

Republicans gained five seats in the House after last week’s elections and now hold an 80-20 majority. Senate Republicans voted earlier this week to retain their current leadership positions. The 2023 Regular Session begins on Jan. 3.

Speaker Osborne thanked the caucus for the support and noted the supermajority’s responsibility to the people of Kentucky. “The people of Kentucky have entrusted all of us with passing legislation that reflects their values and priorities,” he said. “They know the great potential our commonwealth possesses and expect us to work together to realize it.” He added, “You will see us build on what we have accomplished since being given the majority in 2016. We are going to pass good, intentional policies that strengthen our state’s position and take into consideration the basic premise that state government should put the people of Kentucky first.”