Four More Cities Receive Water Grants

The cities of Cadiz, Hodgenville, Middlesboro, and Pineville received Cleaner Water Program grants this week ranging from $161,000 to $478,000. Legislators allocated the funds in 2021 from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). They approved another $250 million for more grants in FY 2023.

The City of Cadiz will replace 2,600 feet of sewer lines with $161,422 in funding announced this week by the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA).

The City of Hodgenville will use its $243,251 grant to improve the Smith Plaza Tower. The city will pay to clean the tower and complete several repairs including replacing vents, safety rails, and manway; installing a security ladder gate; affixing a dome ladder; replacing a float and lever transducer; and replacing the interior ladder.

Middlesboro received two grants. Combined, their $478,052 will fund the first phase of upgrades to its wastewater treatment plant and replace the bar screen at the main sewage lift station.

The City of Pineville receive a grant worth $478,000. “The grant is being used to assist us in completing our $6.5 million downtown revitalization project, replacing stormwater and sewer lines,” said Pineville Mayor and KLC Executive Board member Scott Madon. “The money came at a great time for us because we have been hit hard with increased material costs due to COVID and other related issues.”

Grant awardees must obligate the funds by December 31, 2024.