Governor Signs KLC Initiative Addressing Inactive Cities

Governor Andy Beshear signed into law one KLC initiative, legislators sent another to the governor’s desk, while committees cleared two other measures.

KLC Executive Director/CEO J.D. Chaney and Director of Public Affairs Bryanna L. Carroll joined Governor Beshear as he signed Senate Bill 106. Senator Robby Mills (R-Henderson) sponsored the measure that offers an administrative solution for inactive cities. The bill creates a process by which the Department for Local Government can dissolve cities with no elected officials and do not collect funds.

Senate Bill 106 outlines how a city or resident can contest dissolution, including requiring a hearing at the city in question.

Senators approved House Bill 307 on consent. Representative Bart Rowland (R-Tompkinsville) sponsored the bill that now heads to the governor. House Bill 307 updates investment guidelines for liability and workers’ compensation self-insurance groups. It is the first update to the statutes since their adoption. The measure will give insurance pools options to diversify risk and enhance yields while protecting assets.

Committees cleared two other KLC initiatives.

House Bill 414 addresses several law enforcement issues. Representative John Blanton (R-Salyersville) sponsored the bill that creates options that should help cities recruit and retain quality police officers.

The measure gives departments scheduling flexibility, allowing for an 80-hour pay period over two weeks instead of the traditional 40-hour, 7-day workweek. The bill also allows cities to employ more retired police officers without the requirement to make pension contributions, removes the maximum age at which cities can hire new officers, and clarifies the process by which someone can file a complaint.

The Senate Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection Committee unanimously approved House Bill 414, and the Senate is expected to give the bill final passage next week.

The House Transportation Committee approved Senate Bill 124. Senator Phillip Wheeler (R-Pikeville) sponsored the measure that includes language from Senator Mike Nemes (R-Shepherdsville), which provides options for municipalities to protect city streets from heavy trucks.

The House could vote on Senate Bill 124 next week, sending it back to the Senate for concurrence.

Legislators return on Friday for day 56 of the 2022 session. They will be in session on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week before breaking for a 10 day veto period.