Eight Cities Awarded Latest Water Grants

More Kentucky cities learned this week that they would receive Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) cleaner water grants for important projects. The eight cities will receive between $125,000 and $460,000 for infrastructure projects funded by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

During the 2021 Regular Session, the General Assembly allocated $250 million of the state’s ARPA funds for clean drinking water and wastewater grants. The 2022 House budget proposal includes another $350 million.

“We’re excited to receive the funding,” said KLC Board member and Hindman Mayor Tracy Neice. Hindman’s grant totaled $125,311. “We still have people in our area that do not have furnished potable water, and this money is going to go towards supplying approximately nine or 10 houses with potable drinking water and helps us service more of our community.“

Owensboro Municipal Utilities received $297,000 to replace water mains. “Clean water is the goal of all elected officials and our residents. We are very pleased and honored to have our lieutenant governor in our community for this special announcement,” Owensboro Mayor Tom Watson said.

Other cities that received grants this week include:

  • $271,883 to the City of Beattyville for water treatment plant improvements.
  • $162,145 to the City of Booneville to replace existing meters.
  • $262,848 to the City of Campton for improvements to a booster station.
  • $181,371 to the City of Hyden for modifications at a wastewater plant.
  • $463,850 to the City of Jackson for a waterline extension project.
  • $198,679 to the City of Whitesville to improve water quality for 19 households.