Budget Compromise Includes Projects Impacting Cities

House and Senate leaders announced a budget compromise Tuesday that includes money for matching grants for potential megaprojects, a new police academy in Madisonville, updates to the Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT) firing range in Richmond, and state worker pay raises.

Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee Chair Chris McDaniel (R-Ryland Heights) outlined some of the terms the budget conference committee agreed upon. The agreement includes $250 million for potential matches to secure federal money for three megaprojects:

  • A companion to the Brent Spence Bridge in northern Kentucky
  • An I-69 bridge at Henderson
  • Completion of the Mountain Parkway

McDaniel said the agreement includes funding for a new law enforcement training facility in Madisonville. The Senate’s initial proposal included $2.5 million to conduct a study and stated the legislature’s intent to authorize $25 million to build the project if the study determines a need.

McDaniel also announced that the compromise funds a new firing range at the DOCJT academy, a project the KLC Board of Directors voted to support.

Other funding the chair mentioned included:

  • $75 million for tourism-related grants
  • $150 million in FY 2024 for state park renovations
  • 8% across-the-board pay raises for state employees in FY 2023 and up to 12% in FY 2024

McDaniel said the General Assembly would likely vote on the proposal on Wednesday.