House Passes KLC Initiative

The Kentucky House of Representatives voted 78-13 to pass House Bill 335. Representative Adam Bowling (R-Middlesboro) sponsored the KLC initiative that is a framework for how the governor appoints people to the Advisory Council for Recovery Ready Communities and Kentucky Law Enforcement Council (KLEC). The bill does not add or remove seats to either group.

KLC and the Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo) have representation on KLEC. This measure clarifies how a governor makes those appointments. They would come from a list of three names submitted to the governor. In the case of KLEC, a governor would choose a city manager or mayor from such a list. Similarly, a governor would choose a judge/executive from names provided by KACo.

Bowling, who sponsored the 2021 KLC initiative that created the Advisory Council for Recovery Ready Communities, described how House Bill 335 would impact that group. “It requires the governor to select from a list of three names submitted by organizations that have representatives on the council,” Bowling explained. “We selected organizations to be part of that council because of their role in the recovery process. House Bill 335 ensures those organizations have a say in who represents them.”

Bowling reiterated that no one has issues with anyone currently serving on either council.  House Bill 335 only ensures the process used for appointments to the two councils mirrors the one used for other state boards.

HB 335 now heads to the Senate for consideration.

Also, at the Capitol on Monday, Representative Josh Branscum (R-Russell Springs) introduced House Bill 399. The KLC initiative updates municipal audit requirements. The bill exempts cities with no long-term debt and $150,000 or less in expenditures from the annual audit requirement. The limit is currently $75,000. The bill also requires local governments that receive state road funds or Local Government Economic Assistance Funds to allow comment at a public hearing – instead of holding a special public hearing.