House, Senate Override Redistricting Vetoes

The day after Governor Andy Beshear vetoed two redistricting bills, the House and Senate voted to override them.

Late Wednesday, Beshear vetoed House Bill 2, the redistricting measure for the Kentucky House of Representatives, and Senate Bill 3, which realigns Kentucky’s six congressional districts. “I vetoed the maps because I believe that they are unconstitutional and a clear example of political gerrymandering,” Beshear said during a Thursday midday news conference.

When legislators convened Thursday, they considered both executive actions.

Representative Jerry Miller (R-Louisville) sponsored HB 2. He rose to call the governor’s veto explanation “a work of fiction.” The House of Representatives voted 69-23 to override the HB 2 veto. Senators voted 24-10 to override HB 2.

Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer (R-Georgetown) spoke on SB 3, insisting, “This map meets all constitutional and statutory requirements in the constitution.”

Senators voted 26-8 to override the veto of SB 3. Representatives approved the override motion 64-24.

Governor Beshear has until midnight tonight to veto or sign Senate Bill 2, or the Senate redistricting bill will become law without his signature. During his news conference, Beshear said, “It is certainly less egregious than the House map, but I’m still reviewing it at this point.”

Opposing groups have suggested they intend to mount legal challenges. Any court filing must take place in the Circuit Court of the plaintiff’s residence due to the passage of Senate Bill 20 earlier this session. Governor Beshear signed that bill into law on Tuesday.