Beshear Vetoes Redistricting Bills

Governor Andy Beshear vetoed House Bill 2, the redistricting measure for the Kentucky House of Representatives, and Senate Bill 3, which realigns Kentucky’s six congressional districts. On Tuesday, Beshear signed House Bill 179, the redistricting measure regarding Kentucky Supreme Court districts.

House Speaker David Osborne (R-Prospect) responded to the vetoes in a statement that reads: “We are disappointed that the governor has chosen to again veto lawfully enacted legislation.
He is wrong on the facts, wrong on the law, and he knows it. This proposal meets all legal considerations. It splits no precincts, divides the fewest number of counties possible, and preserves communities of interest. As a result of carefully and intentionally following the guidelines, it even has the added benefit of significantly increasing minority representation. By issuing this veto, the governor is showing that at best he is poorly informed, and at worst, it is blatant political posturing. We will use our legislative authority to override this veto.”

Governor Beshear wrote in his veto message on HB 2 that the redistricting plan for the Kentucky House of Representatives was “an unconstitutional political gerrymander that prevents some communities from having their voices heard in Frankfort.”

He also called SB 3 unconstitutional political gerrymandering in his veto message on that measure. Beshear added, “It was drafted without public input.”

Governor Beshear has until midnight on Thursday to veto or sign Senate Bill 2, the Senate redistricting measure, or it becomes law without his signature.