Utilities Permitted to File for Assistance Fund

Municipal utilities dealing with an ongoing number of COVID-related past-due accounts can now apply for relief through Kentucky’s Healthy at Home Eviction Relief Fund. Previously, only residents could seek money through the fund for past-due utility payments. Changes enacted this week allow utilities to submit a bulk list of customers behind on their bills.

The Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) is processing the requests. Past-due customers must be renters and meet the criteria for income eligibility to qualify for the payment. You can read more on applicant requirements here.

KHC stresses that tenants will still need to provide the agency information, but the utility submission will help expedite the application. Utilities can also give customers a Healthy at Home Eviction Relief Fund pre-application.

If the applicant is approved, the fund could pay 100% of past-due utility bills owed since April 1, 2020, and up to three months of future utilities for a total maximum of 12 months.

Utilities can submit a list of customers on the below Excel spreadsheet to [email protected]. KHC will cross-reference the list to check for anyone who already has an application on file. Families who have not already asked for assistance will receive an email with a required self-certification form. Once the customer submits the one-page pre-application, which verifies income and renter status, KHC will process the payment.

If a utility is not already registered as a KHC vendor, it will need to submit the following:

  • For a Paper Check: A W9
  • For Direct Deposit: Both a W9 and direct deposit form

KHC will provide the utility a statement of which customer’s bill KHC paid.

Download the KHC Excel sheet for utility bulk customer list.